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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 4, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning. and a special edition of "early today" is where we start you with this ouday. i'm richard lui coming to you live from san bernardino, california and wedi have the late break developments and a lot of details about wednesda as shootings to share. they have released the names of we will have more on them in president obama taking time out at the . national tree lighting remony last night to
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families who lost lov ones saying their loss is the american peoples' loss. and thousands of people attended a vigil and many who say they knew victims and victims' families. afa and a mosque holding a vigil andnerging them not to l islam or the islamic community with those attacks. and we're learning mure about the shooters, syed farook and tusheen malik. he appears to have m been in contact with those with extremists believes. i want to bring in nbc's jay gray with the very latesty and you were covering theestory allto day yesterday. that first 24 hourses of that data that we really got, a lot about
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>> amazing to see that they had ha td communications with people outside the country and with those who they thought had terr ists ties and that compared with thed picture that people paint. they describe farook as quiet i' d nice. an md when they thought who was behind the trigger, shocked, i didn't believe it. >> the police chief came out and gave more information. they've not necessarily moved one way or another on motive. >> and that's going to take time and cooperation between police on the ground and federal agents. they'reag looking at those communications and as you know, twoow cell phon and a hard drive damaged by the couple.
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to make sure no one knew what thweey were planning before the attack. an bd were they recipes they used fromse a terrorist organization? were they something they came up with online somewhere else? >> thank you so much for the latest on the suspects and the investigation there. the names of all 14 people killed in this massacre, a i mentioned earlier, have been released. morgan radferred has that story for us and more on what's happening, including what we learned about some of the women. >> this was the moment ryan raes found out his partner had died. until then he still 74 hope that daniel kauch coughman made it out alive. an office holiday party became a
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father of six, coached youth soccer. and amo played santa for children. and nicolas, a lovini husband. >> i'm sure that h he went down fighting and protecting people. >> reporter: his wife says she knew the gunman, syed farook. >> he never had anything bad to sa about him. >> reporter: he often wore traditional tassels and his wife inks he may have been targeted. >> heta believes in the jewish tradition and i believe my husband was basically martyred. >> reporter: tensert moments unfolding with each passing minute. 21mi wounded, several critical. >>an i will believe it for the patients themselves to tell their own stories. >> reporter: families of the rvivors speaking out. >> door open, gunman started shooting, everyone hit the floor.
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her sister's body. >> the bullet is apparently stillen somewhere in her abdomen. >> reporter: waiting and praying. >> p you never think it's going to hit that close to home until it happens. >> reporter: but it did. families now asking for support an sd answers. >> reporter: san bernardino police lieutenant mike madden was the first officer on the scene of wednesday's mass shooting. a 24oo year veteran who normally has a desk job and was onthis way to lunch when it broke out. take a listen. >> i'll tell you that something that although we train for it, you're never actually prepared for it. my goal was to assemble an entry team and engage the ictive shviooter. this mindset and type of training became indoctrinated in us after the columbine incident
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as we made our way to the east side, evident that the reports we were getting were 100% true. there were victims that were obviously deceased outside of the conference room and i relaid that information to the other responding officers and aga n requested assistance. it was unspeaprkable the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people injured and unfortunately already dead. an the pure panic on the face of thosee individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. and when wee g tered, there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air leading me to believe that there was in fact --n there were in fact shooters still. it was extremely loud. the fire alarms were going off. there were people who were
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in great amounts of pain and that was evident in the moans and the wails that we w e hearing in the room. it was very loud in the room and we had fire sprinklers going off in the room and that was adding to further chaos. i noticed upon ent that there's a christmas exreeein there, all the table ato decorated for a christmas party and it just seems so senseless that here's people going into their holiday festivities and now we're dealing with that. there were many officers who did extraordinary jobs yesterday for our department and all the agencies who responded so quickly. it was -- ia was -- it was truly overwhelming to see all of the agencies who got here and got re in a hurry to provide us assistance. nobody hesitated. everybody knew what their job was and that was to bring calm toal chaos.
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inomvestigators wh no are digging inerto syed farook's background d perhaps understand a motive. pete williams with more on that. >> reporter: investigators say they're analyzing a trove of evidence found in farook's house in ouredlands, including cell phones and computers. they found indicat ns that he was communicating by phone and basocial meeia with people in the u.s. and overseas during the past year who showed an interest in radical jihad. another importa discovery, an explosive >>device left behind at the shooting scene. three pipe bombs tied together with a remote detinator and inmakide the suv was the remote control itself, made from a remote for a model car. that same de angn was used to set f the boston marathon bombs and investigators are looking at
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available somewhere else from a nontsirorist source. u.s. officials are also looking at his orsea travel. twice to saudi arabia where he said he met his wife and to pakistan where she's from. >> so, we don't know whether th is workplace rage or something larger or ae combination of both. >> reporter: they also say the attackfuwere planned in advance. ey found 4500 rounds of ammunition and pipe bombs in the dlands house. and the suv was a rental picked up three or four days ago. >>e- there's nothing impulsive ul boit this about this shooting at all. >> reporter: so with all that fire power, did they have other attacks in mind? >> we n't know yet the extent of their plans.
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>> nbc's pete williams reporting for us. let's go back to rockefell center. shiba is there. and in terms of what's happening in san bernardino county, we're acrossthe street from the irc and that's can indication as days go forward, they're moving forward withe their investigation. >> more signs of progress. thank you. politicaofreaction was a big part of a busy thursday on senate republi ns overwhelmingly rejected gun legislation twice yesterday. democrats tried to attach two r ovis,ions, including the ability to bar suspected terrorists from getting guns. and gutting obama care and it nowt heads back to the house where it's expected to clear and president obama will veto the
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the other big move by the enist senate, they passed a five year transportation infrastructure bill and not a moment too soon. current funding expires today forod the highway trust fund. and the act that allows money for 9/11 first responders is not included. anpdcl we want to take you to incredible images from sicily, italy, mountain lighting up the sky on wednesday. the lava shot up more than 3200 feet and00 spewed ash over the surrounding area. the eruption lasting for about an hour, the firstor time in about o years. >>to nbc meteorologist, bill karins. >>ka it doesn't seem like that could be really going on. >>
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by far the worst wither in thfe country is in south florida. an td as we gt across the weekend, incredible warmth. and we have a lot of snow on the gr ofoune in nebraska, dakotas and back to wisconsin. it will probably be all gone by this upcoming weekend. and bismark getting up to 4 degrees. so, temperatures running five ty 15 degrees above average and on saturday, boston five degrees above average.av and this is beginning of november type warmth and clearly into the first week of december and sunday, we're staying very rm. it's going to be dry, lots of sunshine, so no excuse not to head out doors and enjoy it while we ican. that's your national weather, now aat closer look at the day ahead. so, this is a beautiful forecast om tas all the way through e south.
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not surely, be melting that snow in sioux falls in minneapolis the next couple of days, highs today near 40. and we're still waiting for our first snowflakes in syracuse, ich is unheard of. straight ahead, the second amendment under fire as the presidential candidates weigh in. "early today" is back in two minutes. coughing...sniffl'ng... and wishing you could stay in
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we can take basic steps that would make it esharder, not imvepossible, but harder for weapons. >> reporter: donald trump innuend innuendo. >> radical islamic terrorism and i'll tell you what we have a term. toses to say , there's something going on with him that we don't know about. >> reporter: it's a political dithvide graphically illustrated in new york tabloid. muslim killers versui god isn't fixing this. and a tweet storm calling out law makers who offer prayers but oppose gun laws, talking about how much money they'll receive by the nra. >> thavl ey've been thinking and praying but doing nothing at
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>>ie if you're too dangerous to fly in america, you're too america. >> every single time there's a tragedy my poll numbers go up. just ahead, a hail mary finish for the packers and lions college hoops. you're watching "early today." it's the final countdown! pr wi t uhe final countdown! if ou're thheband europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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on the heels of the san bernardino shooting, the "today" show tackles a very important topic, how to talk to your children about gun violence. and packers, lions and an amazing hail mary finish. >> in trouble. he turned 32 yesterday. and it's caught for the win. richard-raurj richard-rodgers for the walk off touchdown. >> no way. detroit is left stunned, packers win it 27-23. look at the fans. next to college hoop sdwhz s and the giant killers of ucla. they nevkr let the wild cats
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welcome back to san bernardino, california, 1:25 a.m. local time. i'm richard lui. patrick baccari is one of the lucky survivors of the inland regional center here p. he remembers seeing syed farook at the christmas parey and a trip to the bathroom that may have saved his life. the horror unfolding on the other side of the door. >> someone asked, where is syed, i didn't realize he wasn't there
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i hear pummelling and we stayed in the restroom. i laid on the floor and put my feet against the door and had my other gentleman to the side me do the same. >> reporter: did the gentleman come into the restroom? >> he wasn't going to be ablesto get in. i guess if he did, it would have been over our dead bodies. when the s.w.a.t. team came, we tried to run as fast as we could away from the building and iha a paramedic, and saw my friend and >>er aid. we could see the bullets lodged under the skin on her wrist and that's not where the in entries were. >> and what is the religious background of the male suspect? i had an opportunity to speak with the director of the islamic center of riverside and that' where the shooter and his wife
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at h one time. i asked what he knew about syed farook p farook. >> we know him as a quiet guy, a nice guy, a peaceful guy. he spoke in a soft manner and very much into hi elf. but he never had any sort of argument. he never had a dispute with us or any member. he came as a regular worshipper and for him to do something like this is beyond me. unexplainable. i don't think anybody would sit wn and explain why did he do that right now and i'm sure even his own parents would be very much shocked and saddened by what's happened. >> and shiba, he also told me, the way that farook worshipped, he would come in on the opposite side of the mosque, avoiding the
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that he was very antisocial as a result. that does it for our special edition of "early today." i'm richard lui i right now, a community coming together in grief as police reveal more about the couple behind the massacre in california.
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horrific attack this morning, an
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